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General remarks

There are numerous cosmetics and medical procedures (including cosmetic surgeries) for treatment and concealment of wrinkles. The problem of how to alleviate wrinkling and improve the health and appearance of wrinkled skin is ubiquitous and cosmetic methods for treatment of wrinkles are avidly sought.

Leorex Booster is not another mask, cream, paste or ointment for wrinkle treatment. It is a completely new and revolutionary material. This product with a protected formulation (patent pending) is based on advanced  material surface technology.

It “coaches” the skin cells in a physical manner (like exercising muscles), provides the optimal conditions – physical, biological and chemical environment – for the natural biological potential for cell rejuvenation.

The Product

Leorex Booster is a structure consisting of a huge number of tiny specially ordered particles aggregates each of them working on skin cells like small invisible good elves.

It is cleaning the channels, removing the dead cells and toxins from the skin, nourishing and polishing the healthy cells and fixing their damages.

Application of additional creams following the Leorex Booster treatment will significantly enhance their effect. It will be aiding the moisturizer and nutrition supplement components to penetrate faster, avoid them to be mixed with the toxins in, or on the cells and intensifying their function.

Leorex Booster is also unique by having a slow release feature.

It is supplying the additional components when and where the skin is lacking them i.e. “on demand”.


This simplified skin model shows that wrinkles are self-maintaining. With the wrinkle initiation the tissue deformation beneath the wrinkle is mechanically pressurized decreasing the blood circulation and by doing so the metabolism of the region.

Reduction of this vital function causes reduction of the skin elasticity and cell regeneration.

That is the primary reason that we usually find more dead cells and scales in the wrinkles and other furrow rather than in the undamaged healthy skin area.

All this creates a self-perpetuating process making the wrinkle deformation deeper and deeper.

Wrinkle treatment mechanism

When Leorex Booster, in the emulsion form, is rubbed into the skin, it forms a layer of the cosmetic substance on top and beneath the surface of the skin.

Portions of the hydrophilic particles in the layer migrate and enter sweat gland ducts. A portion of the hydrophobic particles migrates and enters ducts of sebaceous glands located in hair follicles. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic tendrils are then formed and these protrude into hair follicles, ducts of sweat glands and sebaceous glands in furrows of wrinkles.

Water in the cosmetic material diffuses by osmoses (due to necessary content of electrolytes) into interstitial fluid and cells in the skin.

As the layer dries and the water leaves the cosmetic substance, the volume of the cosmetic substance contracts and the layer shrinks to a network of filaments on and beneath the skin. In the process, it is restoring the skin to smooth non-deformed form, preventing new wrinkle generation and recovering already damaged skin areas.

Each of the filaments is formed from slurry of hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles in water.

The hydrophilic and hydrophobic tendrils anchor the filaments to the skin region and wrinkle furrow.

As the cosmetic filamentary network contracts aggressively, it pulls out furrows of wrinkles in the skin and smoothes the skin. The process is especially intensive in the damaged skin areas, because both intercellular and in-cellular liquids have higher salinity due to the mechanical difficulties in the normal metabolic exchange process.

Enriching additives (Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, A) enhance the effect.

The “repair” of the damaged area has more than a temporary aesthetic effect; it “frees” the area for an enhanced blood flow, improved metabolisms and collagen cell proliferation providing a unique long-term therapeutic benefit.

Soft Peeling mechanism

Leorex Booster also functions as a peeling agent that tends to peel off dead skin cells from the epidermis.

Because of capillary action, hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles are attached to moisture and natural oils in the skin respectively.

If the skin is wet or moist, water and predominantly hydrophilic particles will tend to penetrate and concentrate between the dead skin cells and the epidermis.

If the skin is oily, water and predominately-hydrophobic particles will tend to penetrate the concentrate between the dead skin cells and the epidermis and as they dry up dislodge the dead skin cells from the epidermis.

If the dead skin cells are dry, water will be absorbed by the dead skin cells resulting in swelling, which mechanically dislodges the dead skin cells from the epidermis.

As the Leorex substance is removed from the skin, the dislodged dead skin cells are removed with the product substance, providing a soft peeling effect and a nice young looking “soft-n-elastic-in-touch” in sensing skin.

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