– Leorex is a World leader in various Natural supplements for healthy lifestyle, Skin care and Cosmetics.

– All Leorex products are based on Micro-structure technology & use Natural, Pure and Safe ingredients.

– 100% of women tested with Leorex anti-aging products had noticeable results in just one week.

– International patents protect the innovation and originality of Leorex products.

– Our products are being manufactured in accordance with the world’s most rigorous standards of quality control.

– We promise Instant Visible Effect on all Booster products by Leorex. that means Boosted Wrinkle Reduction within minutes.

Leorex Ltd. develops derma-cosmetic products based on Micro-structure technology for treating skin problems.

Established in 2004, Leorex creates a constant stream of new products through an ongoing cycle of research and development, followed by the launching and marketing of new products.

International patents protect the innovation and originality of Leorex products, which are being manufactured in accordance with the world’s most rigorous standards of quality control for the manufacture of cosmetics in accordance with the regulations issued by different Ministries of Health.

Leading dermatologists in this field-test the efficacy of Leorex products in research laboratories in around the world.

The unique line of Leorex derma-cosmetic products acts in different ways from other cosmetic products, by the unique physical basis underlying the Leorex performance.

All Leorex products have a new structure to such an extent, that they cannot be classified by any known cosmetics terminology ,e.g. creams, gels, lotions, masks or ointments. These products are defined by a new term in cosmetics: “Leorex“.

Leorex products provide a genuine solution to the markets’ requirements and therefore, the use of these products is rising in a steep curve in an ever-growing number of countries. These products work in a unique, highly effective way, with both immediate and long term results.

Leorex Management


Eyal Weinstein, CPA, brings to Leorex over 25 years of financial management experience.

He has been intensively involved in providing set-up and consulting services to start-ups, including fund raising and overall financial control.

Mr. Weinstein was the CPA of eight firms publicly traded in the US or Israel. He was also a senior partner in one of the major Israeli accounting firms.

Chief Scientific Advisor

Prof. Dov Ingman, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology.

He served as Head of New Materials Laboratory (USSR), Chief Scientist for the Institute of Reliability, Non-Destructive Testing and Instrumentation and as the Chairman of the Multidisciplinary Program of Quality Assurance and Reliability (Israel) The inventor of the Leorex patents.

Under his supervision, eleven Ph.D. and twenty-three M.Sc. students performed their degree research in various fields of science and technology.

Prof. D. Ingman is an author of 42 scientific papers and 15 patents and patent applications.

He was a principle investigator in 21 scientific and development projects. Some of the main research activities of Prof.

Ingman include nanotechnology, nanostructures, biological applications of nanotechnology, Micro-structure technology applications in materials, photonics and microelectronics, and artificial intelligence.

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